Bankruptcy Lawyer in Salt Lake City | What do I need to do before filing bankruptcy?

Before you file bankruptcy in Utah, you will have to complete a credit counseling course.  This is a requirement written in the Bankruptcy Code.  Your Utah Bankruptcy Lawyer cannot file your bankruptcy petition until you have completed this course.  There are tons of companies that offer this credit counseling course.  You can take it online, and it usually lasts about 90 minutes.

Prices vary from as low as $5 to as much as $35.  Generally, you will probably be paying around $25.  Your Salt Lake City Bankruptcy Lawyer will probably have a preferred company that they use.  Your bankruptcy attorney will have an account with that credit counseling provider, and you will login using that account and the certificate of completion for the course will be faxed to you bankruptcy lawyer automatically.

With my clients, I usually roll the cost of the credit counseling course in to the total fees that my clients pay me.  I find this makes things much more convenient for the client.  This way they just pay one person one time, and I give them a code to use when they take the course.

You will also have to take another course after your 341 meeting.  The subject of the second course is Debtor Education, but it works basically the same.  It takes a little longer to complete online – around 2 hours – and costs a little bit more – about $35.  It is very important that you complete this course within 60 days of your 341 meeting.  You will not receive a discharge in your Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy until this course is completed.

Again, with my clients, I generally roll the cost of this course into my total fees – I feel it is much more convenient for my clients to already have the payment for this class arranged, all they have to do is log on and take the course sometime after the 341 meeting.

One important thing.  There are some time restrictions for these courses.  You must take the first course within 180 days of filing.  However, if you wait longer than 180 days before filing, the credit counseling companies are pretty understanding, and usually just issue you a new certificate free of charge.

Regarding the second course, you cannot take this course before your 341 meeting – it MUST be completed after the 341 meeting with creditors.


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